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If schools work on developing children holistically, parents don’t have to work extra on that. If you are school principal / owner / trustee of a school, you can positively impact the lives of children by developing their personality alongwith the success in exams.

Focus skills:

  • Personality Development (6 – 8 years / 1 st - 2 nd Std)
  • Public Speaking (8 - 13 years / 3 rd - 7 th Std)
  • Writing Skills (8 – 13 years / 3 rd – 7 th Std)

These skills can be imparted by teachers to the students by using books and/or multimedia content. It will complement the efforts taken by the school in enhancing communication skills.


These are Step-by- step complete guide for parents, teachers and students. Click here to know more

Multimedia Content:

It is a step-by- step teaching aid which uses animation, stories and demonstrations. Click here for sample video

i. School can introduce these subjects as part of the curriculum

If School introduces these as part of the curriculum, we will train the teachers in how to work with children in developing the skills. This will be done by help of:

  • Teacher training manual
  • Reckoner for classroom management
  • Half-day workshops: at the start and middle of the term

ii. These can be purchased voluntarily by the parents

We can give a special offer to the school for making these resources available to the parents.

Assessment of public speaking and elocution:

Making Champs has developed a measurement system for evaluating a speech. It is called as ‘Speakometer’TM . Students have to submit their speech – online or on CD/pen drive. Based on the submission, we will give them:

  • A Grade indicating how good was the speech
  • Specific feedback – strengths and opportunity for improvement

This can help the school in knowing better speakers amongst the students and also get specific corrective feedback.

Schools and Activity centres which have worked with Making Champs

That would be the best course of action. Some schools have taken it as part of the life skills curriculum and each class goes through it once a week. This has multiple benefits. All teachers develop themselves and all children get the benefit of these concepts.  Some times, schools have chosen this as part of after school activities. In this, teachers from outside take this class and it is optional for students. 
Absolutely. For developing these skills in children, following things are required: 1. Developing skills in teachers 2. Having right teaching aids and techniques for classroom Making Champs will help in both these areas. We will train the teachers wherein they will improve their own personality. Additionally, Making Champs resources like books and mulitimedia teaching material will enable the teachers to handle the classroom effectively
CBSE has mandated life skills to be part of the curriculum. Making Champs resources are direct fit into this. Moreover, each school is working towards developing children in an all round way - academics, personality, fitness, character etc. Developing these skills will be direct contribution to all of these.  In the immediate term, schools can gain in terms of students doing well in interschool eloction, debates, creative writing etc.  In the long term, schools will gain by having more admissions and being a school in demand from good parents. 
If you are running an activity centre, you are probably offering extra curricular activities like Phonics, Abacus, Drawing, Dance etc. Life skills - Public Speaking, Personality Development and Writing Skills will be natural fit into all of these. Speaking is a natural extension of Phonics, Reading and Grammar. And so is writing. You will be able to offer more options to your existing parents. Enhancing personality and confidence has a positive rub off on music and dance performance.  In short, you will be able to offer differentiating skills to your students.   
Making Champs has opne training program as well as In-school training programs for teachers. If you already have some teaching staff, we can train them.  If you do not have teaching staff, these are the possibilities: 1. If Making Champs trained teachers are available nearby to your locality, we can put them in touch with you 2. If not, then you can identify potential partners/teachers who can get trained with us and teach at your place.